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The World Economic Forum has asked mainstream media outlets and journalists to ‘cease and desist’ exposing their secret agenda and instead focus on more important issues such as ‘climate change’ and ‘online misinformation.’

Adrian Monck, managing director of the WEF, also slammed politicians who questioned the globalist body’s policy proposals, particularly in Canada, which has sparked a national debate about the WEF’s increasing control over the world since the pandemic began and the unfolding energy crisis.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab himself boasted that his organization “penetrated the cabinets” of multiple governments through its Young Global Leaders program to facilitate its Great Reset policies — that fact alone is enough to dismiss Monck’s complaints.

The Great Reset is a multi-pronged initiative to deindustrialize the developed world, transform the global food system by phasing out meat in favor of insects, develop a Chinese-style social credit score system, and tightly control people’s movements, all in the name of fighting climate change and preserving “democracy.”